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 Rules for the Forum and the Game

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Rules for the Forum and the Game Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Forum and the Game   Rules for the Forum and the Game EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 1:25 am

Within this forum we will have rules for the general conversation and rules for the game, read them, follow them, because if you do not, you will be severely punished.

Forum Rules:
1. NO SPAM, keep on topic and only post relevant new topics
2. No disrespecting other members, everyone is equal here
3. Do NOT share in game info in any conversation that is not in game
4. Pics are not to be more than 500x500 when posted, Avatars are to be maximum of 250x250

Game Rules:
1. Advance game within 24 Hours and you will have a new advancement back within 24 hours back
2. GM may never put you in a situation where you have no chance of winning unless player causes those consequences
3. Player decides his/her/its own action, not reaction from the game or consequences through any other means but that wich is within charcters own power (translates into "GM is GOD")

Game Type:
The game will be divided into ACTIVE periods and INACTIVE periods, we are talking about time within the game, not In Real Life (henceforth called IRL).

An Active period is when you control your character, quest, do stuff, fight PvP matches, and stuff. And it lasts for 3 months In Game (1 day/24h - 1 Week/7 days - 1 Month/4 Weeks/28 Days). Use this time well because it decides what happens during the Inactive Period, if you are in the middle of a quest or a war when time for that turn is up, you will face consequences that fit the danger of wherever you were when the Inactive period starts.

An Inactive period is mainly to advance stories and help make gameplay smooth and lower ammount of time for players to wait their turn, if they are smart. Also, this time is a smart way to use for training, and to synch up players times, if a player has not written a plot advancer for over 24 hours and are not caught up to those 3 months when over 75% of all players have reached that point, the Inactive period happens anyway, IRL the Inactive period is 24 Hours, In Game, it is 1 Month.
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Rules for the Forum and the Game
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