A text based, Game master governed Role Playing game for people of all ages and sizes. Come and join, see what the fun is all about!
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 The Roleplaying Game Inverta

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The Roleplaying Game Inverta Empty
PostSubject: The Roleplaying Game Inverta   The Roleplaying Game Inverta EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 12:22 am

Ok guys and gals and all in between or trancendant or however you like it best!

On this forum we play the roleplaying game of Inverta, set in a Virtual Reality within the RPG, a virtual reality wich you may not leave, you will be able to access menus, buy new skills, join guilds, create an empire, do quests and everything else you can imagine, and anything can happen at any time!

To really learn wht its all about, and how it works, create a profile, pick a good name, becuase it will be important in the future, and check out the members only area, see if you want to try it out, and if that is the case, send a PM to Heartfire and he will Create your Player Area, where all of your character info will be, and also where you will actually play the game, join and have fun!

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The Roleplaying Game Inverta
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